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UFTRI Flies can be found in the Fly Picture Catalog  (where they appear on a number of pages) and the Fly Pattern Index (where they are all listed alphabetically on one page.)

October 28: ​9:30am Ed Lombardo will be doing a fly casting demonstration and fly casting lessons free of charge at Fin & Feather Outfitters! Come and try a number of different new fly rods and other new fly fishing gear. Ed will also be talking about terminal tackle i.e. leaders and how to cast large flies

October 28th: TU225 Adopt-a-Highway Cleanup will begin at 9am, at the Rte. 165 Check Station. All Necessary supplies(Gloves, Bags and Vests) will be on hand.
Coffee and donuts will be supplied to begin the day. At lunch time we will be having homemade chicken noodle soup and bread for lunch. Drinks will also be supplied.

RI/DEM will be hosting a Fly Fishing Program on The Narrow River   

Saturday Nov. 4  from 9:00am to 3:00pm

What you will learn: Forage or Bait Fish Identification , Fly Casting, Knot Tying, Reading the Water, Equipment Used, and Fly Fishing

Adults and youngsters 11 years and older, all encouraged to attend! 

R. I. DEM Events:
Next Meeting:
November 1, 2017
6:30 pm
Knights of Columbus
475 Sandy Lane
Warwick, RI


UFTRI Members Fishing Vacations:
Maggie on the CT. River in NH.  Caught on a yellow and orange stimulator
Scott  in Colorado.  Caught on rs2
Table #1: Dennis Pelletier will be tying a saltwater fly- Jester Shrimp Fly. Dennis will be tying this popular and fish catching fly. 

Table #2: John McCall  will be tying "A Series Of Freshwater Emerger Flies". John is an excellent instructor,and goldmine of fly fishing information.

Table #3: Russ Ahlgren will be tying a  freshwater fly- Fullback Woven Nymph. This is a "Woven Body Fly". Russell is an innovative tyer, and this fly is a good one.  PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS AN INTERMEDIATE OR ADVANCE FLY TYER FLY.

Table #4: Al Ball will be tying a  freshwater fly- "Generic Caddis". Al is a talented and innovative tyer.

Table #5: Ron Marafioti will be tying a freshwater  fly - "THE HORNBERG". This fly is a little complex, classic and works great. Ron Marafioti is one of our finest instructors, and has the patience of a saint!

Table # 6: Steve Cook will be tying a saltwater fly- "Flatwing". Steve has chosen this fly as this seasons fly.

For recipes and pictures for this meetings flies, 
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