United Fly Tyers of Rhode Island, Inc.

This Month's Flies
February  2019
Bill's Table: Lou Taboury's Snake Fly

Glen's Table: Salt water bucktail
Burt's Table: Tonyen Nymph

Hook:  Heavy nymph hook 20 to 10 (bigger for large mouth bass !)
Thread: Black
Body:  Dubbing or thin chenille, bright orange or bright green
Veil: Pearl Krystal flash 
Head:  Herl (peacock or black ostrich)

Ron's Table: Fly Brooches
Tim's Table: Gary LaFontaine's Deep Sparkle Pupae
Hook: #14-18 Caddis  
Thread:  To match underbody.
Overbody:  Sparkle yarn.
Underbody:  Half sparkle yarn and half fur and peacock herl 
Wing:  Deer hair.
Head:  Gold bead and Dubbed fur or wrapped marabou fibers.
Glen will be tying salt water bucktails for early season stripers. No particular pattern. Bring 3/0 or 6/0 thread in either yellow, white, olive or any color you wish.
Hook: 2/0 Mustad 3407 or similar
Thread: GSP or similar (140 denier or more)
Tail: Bucktail base - white 
Saddles: white long "flatwing" type saddles, or Ostrich Herl-White, Pearl Flashabou
Head:  Deer belly hair - white
Dorsal:  Strung marabou - white
Eyes: Stick-on 3D 5/32" eyes 
GlueHead Cement or Loctite Super Glue
Special Tools: Double-edged razor blades; Hair packer 
Ron will have several fly patterns for you to use to make a brooch-- see examples to left. 
Scott's Table: The Leprechaun

Hook:  Size 12-14 2XL streamer/nymph hook 
Thread: Black or dark colored thread
Wire: I prefer thin wire in either copper or gold, but silver can be used as well
Abdomen/thorax: Ginger or barred ginger cape, Peacock herl
Tail: deer body hair
Underwing: crystal flash in tan, brown or root beer