United Fly Tyers of Rhode Island, Inc.

This Month's Flies
February 2018
Scott's Table: Mop Fly
Bill's' Table: Easy Body Squid

Peter's Table: Bob's Banger
Ron's Table: Green Caddis

Capt. Ray's Table: Rabbit Deceiver
Hook size: #1 or equiv.
Thread: White
Head: White thread
Tail: White bucktail, pearl flash, (2) white saddles
Body: White rabbit cross-cut  size 14-16 dry fly. 

Rabbit Deceiver has gained notoriety when there is lots of small squid around particularly in the fall season. It’s a good all-around fly pattern for stripers, false albacore and bonito. It’s a favorite around Martha’s Vineyard. 
Hook: TMC 2457 #8-12
Thread: Uni 6/0- Chartreuse/Black
Body: Chartreuse Diamond Braid
Collar: Hen Saddle-speckled brown 
Head: Super bright dubbing- black
Russ' Table: 
Hook: Mustad 34011 size #1 or other long shank saltwater hook 
Thread: Danville Flat Waxed Nylon or equivalent 
Body: Medium or large Ice Chenille or Estaz and 5/8” white foam cylinders
Body Wrap: Holographic Tape 
Eyes: Mirage, Hologram, or Stick-on eyes; your preference 
Tail: Northern Bucktail 
Hook: 2/0 or 3/0 2XHvy 4X Long (or similar)
Head: White Saddles
Body: EZ-Bodi Pearl 3/8” 
Thread: White 140 denier or stronger,Ultra Thread or GSP
Eyes: 3/8” stick-on dome eyes
Cement: Locktite SuperGlue Gel or Liquid
Markers: Sharpies in Brown, Orange, Purple