United Fly Tyers of Rhode Island, Inc.

This Month's Flies
John's Table: Emergers
Dennis' Table: Jester Shrimp Fly

Russ's Table: Fullback Woven Nymph
HOOK: MUSTAD Stainless steel 1/0 or 2/0 or equivalent 
THREAD: Fluorescent red
WEIGHT: Optional. 4 to 5 wraps of .030 lead free wire on center of shank.  I wrap the heads of these with fluorescent chartreuse for identification.
TAIL:Two hot pink marabou feathers with 4-6 strands of pink or pearl crystal flash sandwiched in between.  Flash should extend slightly beyond marabou.
BODY: Pink "glitter eyelash".  (Can substitute Estaz)
BEARD AND CHEEKS:  Long white buck tail extending under tail.  (this helps to prevent marabou from fouling around hook bend)
WING:  Green Flashabou extending to bend.
I fish it on an intermediate line and retrieve it with a  quick strip and a short pause in between.  This allows the marabou tail and Flashabou wing to pulsate nicely.

Hook: Tiemco 2457 – # 6 – #14 , or 2499 SP-BL or other caddis pupa hook: Mustad 9674 #10 - #8 2XH/5XL or 2XL for streamer nymph 
Weight: Lead wire in a diameter that won’t make the finished fly too bulky ( .020 wire for #10 pupa – larger wire for bigger sizes. A bead head can also be added and used with or without the lead wire) 
Ribbing: Fine wire, gold, silver, or copper for the desired color effect. Tying thread or monofilament clear or brown could also be used for other effects. 
Woven Body: Select two colors of floss, embroidery yarn , or other satisfactory material for weaving, one light and one dark

Steve's Table: Saltwater Flatwing
Ron's Table: The Hornberg
John will be tying and discussing several emerger patterns
Al's Table: Generic Caddis
Hook: size 14-16 dry fly. 
Body: various shades of Superfine dubbing, gray, olive, black, green Wing: deer body hair. 
Instructions: lay on a base of thread on the hook. Spin on a thin layer of Superfine and dub forward. Tie on a wing of deer body hair either brownish or gray. Finish with a dry fly hackle the same color as the body.

Hook: Mustad 80400 or equivalent, Streamer hook, 2X-4X long, sz 6-10  
Underwing: Yellow Chinese (Rooster) Hackle 
Thread: Red 
Overwing: Mallard Flank  
Rib: Monofilament Thread  
Cheeks: Jungle Cock  
Body: Silver Mylar  
Hackle: Grizzly  
size 14-16 dry fly 
Hook: 1/0 Eagle Claw L253
Thread: White Uni-Thread 3/0
Flat Wing Base: White Bucktail from Base of Tail
Wing: Olive Flatwing Hackle
Body: Bill’s Bodi-Braid or Equivalent
Belly: White Bucktail from Upper Middle of the Tail
Middle Wing: Yellow Bucktail from Upper Middle of the Tail
Flash: 3 to 4 Strands
Over Wing: Olive Bucktail from Upper Middle of the Tail
Peacock Hurl: 7 Strands
Eyes: Jungle Cock
Head: White Tread with Head Cement