United Fly Tyers of Rhode Island, Inc.

This Month's Flies
May 2018
Bill's Table: Flatwing Deceiver
Alex's Table: Congo Hair Fly

Russ' Table: Whitlock Mouse Rat
Peter's Table: El Wormo & Little Cindi
Hook: 4/0 Mustad 3407 or similar
Thread:Ultra thread; GSP or similar (140 Denier or 3/0)
Tail: Bucktail base-white or pink; Saddles: white (plus yellow/purple/olive/blue-grey-optional)Icelandic Sheep hair- white or other optional colors; Krystal flash: complimentary colors
Body: Angel hair or similar for belly- pearl or white; bucktail collar & shoulder- white/olive or complimentary colors; Dorsal- peacock herl
Cheek/Eye: Silver pheasant
Eyes: 1/4" stick on 

John's Table: Emergers
Hook: any 2X long straight eye streamer hook size 3/0 to 10
Thread: Kevlar or GSP
Body: course deer hair, natural colored or black (can tie the bottom white
Tail: strip of chamois, rabbit or leather shoe lace or 3mm foam strip
Ears: Moose mane
Eyes: black marker
Hook size: 10-16
Thread: black or brown
Body: peacock herl
Tail: red wool yarn
Hackle: red-brown cock hackle
Joe's Table: Red Tag
Ron's Table: Black Nosed Dace
Hook: For trout: TMC 765 TC, #2-10 or streamer hook 4XL 1XS sz 6-10. For big trout, steelhead or salmon: 2XS or stonger size 2-8
Thread: 70 denier, black
Body:Flat silver mylar tinsel
Tail: Red Darlon
Wing: brown over black over white bucktail
Head: 70 Denier, black