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        Fresh Water Flies                                                                               Salt Water Flies

Adams Parachute, Bob Greco
Albie Anchovy, Dave Porecca
Alexandria, Joe Kiselica
Angel Hair Anchovy, Capt. Ray Stachelek
Angelo's Grab Bag Fly, Peter Devine
Ant, Ed Lombardo
Ausable Wulff, Ed Lombardo

Barely Anything, Danny Chin
Basic Squid Fly, John McCall 
Bay Anchovy, Mike Madallena 
Big Reef Squid
Bivisible, Dick Pearce 
Black & Gold, John O'Meara
Black C & C Caddis, Mike Maddalena
Black Buzzer, Steve, Welitoff 
Black C & C Caddis, Mike Maddalena
Black Crowe, Glen Northup 
Black Gnat Wet Fly, Richard Buckley
Black Sparkle Ant, Ed Lombardo 
Black Ghost, Harry Templeton
Black Quill, Al Ball
Blue-Black Herring Tandem, Capt. Chris Pacheco 
Blue Quill, Bob Greco
Body Braid Minnow, Glen Northup
Bob Popovics' Bucktail Deceiver
Bonderew Bucktail, Dave Loren 
Bonito Bunny, Steve Cook
Brooks Blond Striper, Dennis Pelleter
BT Gurgler, Capt.  Jim Barr
Breadcrust, Diane Machado 
BUFF (Big Freak'n Ugly Fly), Rob Lurie
Bunny Belly Anchovy, Gary Soares
Bunny Deceiver with Cross-Cut Rabbit, John McCal

Caddis Larva, Roger Lima
(Partridge) Caddis, Ed Lombaro
Caddis Varients, Dick Pearce
Calcasieu Pig Boat, John O'Meara 
CDC BWO Emerger & CDC Dun, Mike Maddalena
Chicken Feather Fly, Mike Maddalena
Cinder Worm, Simple, Dave Carpentier
Cinder Worm, Steve Cook
Clemson Streamer, Dave Pollack
Comparadun, Dick Pearce
Crab Fly, John McCall 
Circle Hook Deceiver, John McCall 
Circle Clouser Deep Minnow, John McCall 
Copper John, Norbert Morin
Crab Fly, John McCall
Crayfish, Dick Pearce 
Crystal Punt, John McCall 

Dave's Deceiver, Dave Pollack 
Deep Sparkle Pupa, Beadhead--with video, Dick Pearce
Dino's Sluggo, Capt. Jim Barr

Eelie, Dave Pollack
Eel Punt, John McCall
Elk Hair Caddis Dry Fly and Variants, Dick Pearce
Emergent Sparkle Pupa--with video, Dick Pearce
EP Anchovy, John McCall 
EP Crab, John McCall
Estaz Shrimp, Joe Carr

Flatwing Clouser, John McCall
Flatwing Eel
2-feather Flatwing, John McCall
Flying Black Ant, Dick Pearce
Foam-Head Slider, Capt. Jim Barr

Grasshopper Parachute Steve Welitoff 
General Practitioner, Dennis Pellitier
Gibbs Striper Fly, John McCall
Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear, Dick Pearce
Goldie Streamer, Dick Pearce
Great Autumn Brown Sedge Lombardo
Green Weenie, Norbert Morin
Hackle Stacker Emerger 
Hair-Wing Coachman, Mike Maddalena
Hard Headed Anchovy, Steve Cook 
Hemingway Caddis, Steve Welitoff
Hendrickson Flymph, Mike Maddalena
Hen Fly, Glen Northup 
Major Herring Fly, Dave Porecca  
                                                                                                                                                 Hex Emerger, Dun, and Spinner, Ed Lombardo 
Hex, Extended Body (parachute), Lawson Cary
Jax Hex, John O'Meara 
Hex Bomber, Glen Northup
Hornberg, Dick Pearce
Horse Fly, Lawson Cary 
Humpy and Royal Humpy, John O'Meara
Hunky's Finest Kind, Steve Cook 

Irresistible, John O,Meara
Isonychia Nymph, Mike Maddalena
Isonyphia Soft Hackle, Dick Pearce 

Jack's Stone Crab, Capt. Jim Barr 

Jailbird by Marla Blair, Dick Pearce
Klinkhamer Special, Dick Pearce
Light Cahill, Lawson Cary
Lion's Head, Gary Soares

Madam X, Glen Northup
Marabou Nymph, Mike Maddalena 
Marabou Streamers, Steve Welitoff
Millers River Special, Dave Boisvert 
Mickey Finn, Dick Pearce
Major Herring Fly, Dave Porecca 
Montana, Mike Maddalena
Mongoose Sand Eel, Dick Empie
Montreal Whore, Glenn Northup
Mouse, John O'Meara
Muddler Minnow, John O'Meara
November Madness (Steelhead Fly) 
Mushmouth, Jim Barr

Pamet Special, Capt. Jim Barr
Peanut Bunker, Mike Maddalena
Pale Evening Dun Glenn Birtwell 
​Parasol Emerger, Dick Pearce
Parmachene Belle, Steve Welitoff
Partridge Caddis, Ed Lombardo
Partridge and Yellow Soft Hackle, Dick Pearce
Pheasant Tail Nymph, Dick Pearce
Picket Pin, Bob Teeden
PMD Dun, Emerger, Spinner with Poly Yarn, Mike Maddalena 
Polar Bait Fish, John McCall
Prince Nymph, George Tilloston

Rat-Faced McDougal, John O'Meara
Rat Mouse, John O'Meara
Ray's Fly, Ann Alberino
Reverse-tied Deceiver, Mike Maddalena
Rhody Chovy Mike Miozza 
Royal Coachman Streamer, Dave Boisvert 
Royal Humpy and Humpy, John O'Meara

Sato’s Realistic Foam Head Streamer, Jim Barr
School Bus Bomber, Flatwing Style, Capt. Mike Miozza
September Night , Dave Pollack                                            Shrimp Pattern  Steve Cook
Single Feather Hair Flatwing, John McCall
Sinking Ant, Dick Pearce
Slab Fly. John O'Meara 
Snowshoe Rabbit Hair Emerger, John Troiano
Soft Hackle, Ed Lombardo
Sparkle Pupa, Deep and Emergent--with video, Dick Pearce
Spuddler, John O'Meara
Dino's Sluggo, Capt. Jim Barr
Stealth High Tie, Ed Lombardo
Taps Bug , John O'Meara                                                          Surf Candy, Mike Miozza
Tapply's Frog Gurgler, Glen Northup 
Tarcher, Burt Strom 
​                                                                                                  Tinker Mackerel, Jim Barr

Wasp, Ed Lombardo
White Marabou Streamer, Steve Welitoff 
Willow, Dick Pearce 
Wire Body Stone Fly, Glen Northup
William Blades Hex   Glenn Birtwell

Yellow Drake Fanwing   Glen Northup

Z-Eel, Harry Templeton 
Zug Bug, Dick Pearce 

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