United Fly Tyers of Rhode Island, Inc.

Body Braid Minnow

Tied by: Glen Northup

Hook: Streamer, 14-10
Thread: 6/0 Red, white, black, etc
Body: Bill's Body Braid or narrow tinsel
Wing: Black dubbing

The Body Braid Minnow Is not a specific pattern.  It is just a bait fish attractor that uses Bill's Body Braid for the wing as well as the body. Tied sparse in small sizes, it works as well as any young minnow imitation.

Aside from a wing and body construction, we will tie a Mylar Minnow type fly with bead chain eyes minus the eyes.

Bill's Body Braid comes in 25 colors, most of which I don't have.  So please bring your Body Braid and any new ideas on how to use this versatile material.