United Fly Tyers of Rhode Island, Inc.

Clemson Streamer

Dave Pollack

Hook: Mustad 253, 2/0 to 6/0
Thread: Clear Mono
Body: Bill's body braid, pearl
Wing: Tied sparsely,White Slinky Fiber under Purple (lavender) Slinky Fiber 
under Peacock Herl. Note: Puglisi Fiber or equivalent can be used but the slinky fiber 
ties nicely. (I use the type that has flash built in.) If Puglisi Fiber is used, add pearlescent Krystal Flash for the sparkle. 

The material is tied sparsely, top and bottom and not on the sides as a typical Puglisi fly would be tied.

Throat: White Slinky Fiber
Eyes: Holographic, either flat or molded (rounded). Use Goop to paste on the flat eyes. With molded eyes, secure with the mono tying thread and then add 5 minute epoxy, filling the area between the eyes to make a rounded head.
Wing Stiffener: Because this fly tends to tangle around the hook bend when casting, I like to stiffen the wing above the shank with Softex. It's not perfect but I find this more effective than mono loops or other mechanical devices.

These flies are patterned after a fly given to me by Capt. Barry Clemson, who guides out of Ipswitch, Mass. The pattern is Barry's go-to fly when there are herring or other fair sized bait fish around. Barry's recommended technique is a very long, fast strip, although I have caught fish on this pattern dead drifted in a current.  The molded holographic eyes add some bulk but not a lot of weight. We used that version, with a 5 fps sink tip line, on the Joppa Flats several years ago and out-fished everyone in sight.