United Fly Tyers of Rhode Island, Inc.


Created by Dick Empie
Tied by Dick Pearce

Hook: Trout #8 streamer hook 1x, Bass #4 and #6 3x
Thread: Black 6/0 and Monocord (for final segmentation)—two bobbins
Weight: Lead free wire, wound the first 2/3rds of the hook, leaving one eye length from the eye. Superglue (Quicktite. Other superglues will absorb into the hairs) 
Mouth: Brown hackle barbules (I use pheasant tail), tied in tail position.
Pincers: Two bunches of pine squirrel tail, tied up and out at 45 degree angle, wrapping thread around each once, and adding a drop of Superglue: Quicktite (other glues absorb into hairs)
Antennae: Stripped brown hackle quills
Body: Dubbing to cover thread and wire in rear, then brown-maroon chenille
Legs: Coachman brown hackle, 1 size longer than normal, palmered over rear half of body.
Swimmerets: Honey-tan hackle, 1-2 sizes shorter than normal, wound around front half of body & cut to 1/8"
Carapace and tail: Section of brown turkey or goose wing—prepared by wiping back with Pliobond, silicone, or Flexament—with end over mouth cut to a point, leaving a small tail over the hook eye, and wiped with head cement 3 times. 
--Colors may be varied.​

Step by step instructions.