United Fly Tyers of Rhode Island, Inc.

Flat Winged Eel

​Tied By: Glenn Northup

Hook: Eagle Claw 254, 4-3/10
Thread: Black
Tail: Bucktail: white, pale yellow; Saddle hackle: white under pale yellow, under dark grey or brown, under black
Body: Bill’s Body Braid: silver, gold, black, or pearl
Wing: Dark brown, or black saddle, under dark olive saddle
Throat: White, pale yellow, or light grey bucktail or marabou
Sides: Black bucktail or marabou
Eyes: Stick-on or painted
Weight: (optional) Conehead

Sand eels and the American eel are commonly found in our waters and are a favorite meal for stripers. The Flatwing Eel is a good searching pattern and, when tied very sparsely and in very small sizes, imitates a sand eel.

Eels have light-colored bellies of white, yellow, gray, brown, tan, and olive, with dark backs of black, brown, gray, and olive. Experiment with different shades of saddle hackle and add Krystal Flash, Angel Hair, etc. to obtain the color you think the fish would like.