United Fly Tyers of Rhode Island, Inc.

General Practioner

Tied by: John Dennis Pellitier

The General Practitioner is traditionally a Salmon fly but has proven effective as a Striper fly. It is basically an impressionistic shrimp fly that serves as an excellent dropper fly. In his book A Perfect Fish Kenny Abrames features not only the traditional GP pattern but offers nine variations of the basic GP design.

Hook: Mustad size 1/0 34007
Antennae: Hot orange buck tail
Head:  Hot orange hackle tip
Eyes: Golden pheasant tippet with center cut out.
Carapace: Red golden pheasant breast feather.
Body: Traditional hot orange wool. I will use hot orange chenille.
Ribbing: Gold oval tinsel.
Hackle:  Hot orange saddle palmered.
Back & tail:  Red golden pheasant breast feathers