United Fly Tyers of Rhode Island, Inc.


Pattern Created by: Dick Empie 
Pattern Tied by: Dick Pearce

The late Dick Empie of North Attleboro, MA tied the Goldie to imitate successful spinning lures.  He named it the "Goldie" because gold was the most succesful.  It's tied with a bead and Bill's Body Braid (other brands; they are not as fine and therefore don't catch the light as well.  It  catches trout and bass at least as often as any other fly in most ponds and rivers. 

Hook: Size 6 2x - 16 2x, Best on 8 2x
Beads: Raymond Rumpf Tungsten Beads

Hook to Bead Size Table 
6 use 3/16 Bead, 
8 use 5/32 Bead, 
10 - 12 use 1/8 Bead, 
14 - 16 use 3/32 Bead

Threads: 6/0 white and 6/0 fire orange
Undertail: 4 strands of red Krystal Flash 
Tail and body: Bill’s Body Braid 
Body: Gold or silver Mylar
Veil: Doubled stands of hook length Bills Body Braid.  


Open the gap so the point is down slightly. (Not necessary but advised by Dick Empie.)
Snap on the tungsten bead.
Tie on white thread and wrap 20 times in place (this plus the other materials will keep bead in place. 

Wind down to barb and tie in 4 strands of red Krystal Flash extending 3/8" to l/2" past the bend of the hook.

The tail is formed by 3 doubled strands of Bill’s Body Braid, on top and each side of hook shank. They should extend to 1 ½ times the hook length. 

Tie in a doubled piece of Bill's Body Braid at the rear of the bead. After one or two wraps, adjust it so that the Body Braid is flat and parallel as possible to the top of the shank. Hold it by the tip and and pull gently while wrapping down the hook shank to the rear. This will straighten it pretty well—but it’s not critical. 

Wrap back to the bead and tie another double strand on the near side and one more on the fat side side. Use a dubbing needle to pick out the braid and unstrand the braid to form the tail. Start at the rear and work back to the front, unstranding the braid for the tail.

Body: Tie in Mylar behind the bead. Wrapping it down to the rear and back up behind the bead. Place silver side up for pearl fly, gold side up for gold fly.

Tie off the white thread and tie on Fire Orange thread behind the bead.

Start "Fire Orange" 6/0 unithread behind the bead and tie in 1 strand of Bills Body Braid tip end to extend slightly longer than the hook. Fold over the remaining Braid & secure with 2-3 wraps. Trim the same length as first piece and slightly longer than the hook. Rotate the fly and repeat applying the veil of body braid totally around the hook, about 2 to 6 doubled sections around the fly body. Pick out the braid with a dubbing needle, dividing the braid into single fibers.

Build a collar behind the bead with "Fire Orange" 6/0 unithread, whip finish and coat with head cement.