United Fly Tyers of Rhode Island, Inc.

Paraloop Hackle Stacker Emerger

Below is a video of tying a PMD Hackle Stacker Emerger, but the technique is the same for any kind of mayfly emerger.  The advantage of this Hackle Stacker is that it uses a paraloop method of wrapping hackles a loop of 5x tippet, which will be tied behind the thorax and then pulled down to just behind the eye. The result is a group of hackles on the top of the thorax keeping the hackles well above the hook shank. This allows the fly to submerge itself well into the surface film, to produce better hook-ups.

The technique is complicated but can be mastered by watching the video twice, and then once again as you tie, stopping after each step. It also helps to use an inexpensive gallow tool, which can maintain tension while wrapping hackle up and down the post.  They're made by Orvis, Renzetti, Dyna King, and Cascarde Crest (seen in picture).