United Fly Tyers of Rhode Island, Inc.

Isonychia Nymph

Tied by: Mike Madallena

The Isonychia Bicolor is commonly known as the Slate Drake, Leadwing Coachman, and Mahogony Dun. They're in the water from the third week in March to late October. and are smaller in the fall. 

​Hook: 2 x nymph, size 12 and 10
Weight or bead: optional 
Thread: Brown or black
Tail: 3 brown ostrich tails or pheasant tail herls
Rib: Brown thread (3/0)
Back Marking: (Optional) heavy white sewing thread (3/0) 
Body: Five or six strands of Peacock Herl (bronze color, if you've got it)
or rusty brown rabbit dubbing. 
Thorax: Same as body
Wing Case: Black poly yarn  
​Legs: Brown hen neck or partridge

To see the techniqies for this tricky fly see Andrew Moy's video. He uses some different materials.