United Fly Tyers of Rhode Island, Inc.

Madam X

Tied by: Glen Northup

Hook: 3xl dry fly. Mustad 94831
Thread: 3/0 yellow 
Body, tail, and wing: Deer hair stacked 
Legs: Yellow rubber 
Hackle: Brown and grizzly mixed.

The Madame X is a bullet-head attractor fly, created by Doug Swisher The rubber legs, bushy wing and tail, and silhouette gives this fly the look of a lively insect. It can be tied in different colors and types of material (the fly above has his original dressing).

Madame X fishes well in all types of water for many species of fish. On the Wood River, when the evening hatches have ended and well into dark, the Madame X can draw some smashing strikes.