United Fly Tyers of Rhode Island, Inc.

September Night

Created by Ken Abrames
Tied by Dave Pollack

Hook: 253 or 254, 1 to 3/0
Thread: White mono or white (Some tiers prefer flat waxed nylon for flat wings)
Tail: Gray bucktail under two strips of silver Flashabou under two white saddle hackles, tied flat wing (curved side down)
Body: Bill's Body Braid, silver     
Throat: Long white bucktail tied as a 3/4 collar, sparse
Collar: White Marabou, two or three turns
Wing: Long white bucktail under purple bucktail (the wing is tied sparse) under two strands of blue Flashabou under one black saddle hackle
Head: Flat stick-on eyes, black pupil on white background.  Finish with epoxy.

This pattern is adapted from Kenney Abrames' book, "Striper Moon."  It is intended to imitate finger mullet, but has been effective throughout the season. It is my "go to" fly pattern, especially when fishing from the shore. The long bucktail throat helps to minimize fouling and the marabou collar adds a vibrant motion to the fly as it is being fished.  I tie the fly in various lengths, from 2 1/2 inches to 6 inches long, and select size depending upon what bait is in the water. The adaptation from Abrames' pattern is the addition of the stick-on eye and epoxy.  I'm not sure whether the eye adds to the effectiveness of the fly, but the epoxy makes it very durable.