United Fly Tyers of Rhode Island, Inc.

Surf Candy

Tied By: Mike Miozza

Hook: Eagle Claw 254 SS or equivalent
Thread: Clear fine mono
Under Wing : Polar Bear Super Hair
Flash: Silver Flashabou
Overwing: Olive Super Hair
Eyes: Stick on or 3D size 2.0 (Your choice)
Belly trim: Silver paint or nail polish (optional)
Head: 5 minute epoxy

Epoxy the head to the shank of the hook. Then add the eyes and, if you wish, paint on a silver belly. Finish up with one more thin coat of epoxy.

This is go-to patterns for inshore Pelagics (False Albacore and Green Bonito). These flies will usually match the forage that these speedsters are feeding on when they start to appear in mid-August

When fishing these patterns I like them rigged on either a floating line or some type of sinking system too. The type of retrieve will vary as well. Fast strips will normally get their attention but sometimes just letting it sink through the school is what they prefer. Let the fish tell you what they want.

When fishing for these speedsters, try not to get caught up in the run and gun syndrome. If you watch carefully you can see a pattern appear that tells you how their feeding. You'll catch more fish and won't spook them into leaving.

Keep in mind that the best bite is usually just after sun-up. So, plan to be on the water early.