United Fly Tyers of Rhode Island, Inc.

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January 2nd, 2013 Newsletter

Pictures from Christmas Party
Certificates of Appreciation
To Don Lloyd, professional chef and new member, who volunteered to prepare a delicious dinner for the members. Thanks to all for your service. .

Adam Franceschin, head guide for Housatonic Outfitters, at his presentation on the Hatches of the Housatonic River.
To John O'Meara who was not present, for his dedication and unselfish service.
Dick Pearce for his dedication and unselfish service.
Chef Don Lloyd serving his Banquet Dinner.
Dave Pollack winning the Yankee Swap.
Tying a Perfect Winter Nymph
Policy for Cancelling a Meeting

To find out if a meeting is cancelled: 

 Call River and Riptide (401/392-1919), 
Salt Water Edge (401/842-0062), 
or a Board member.
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